Squats, Deadlifts and Lunges! OH MY!

Squats, Deadlifts and Lunges! OH MY!

Squats, Deadlifts and Lunges can be your Best Friend if done correctly.

Everyone is looking for the quick fix to get sexy legs!

People have been trying all sorts of crazy exercises, that don’t seem to pay off.

While others are out there trying to find the next crazy exercises for legs and glutes, I want to remind you of the basics…

The ones that have been proven effective for years and years and years.

They are….


What a shock right?

Exercises that bodybuilders and others have used for years. But most people forget about them and I think I know why.

Why Squats, Deadlifts and Lunges?

  1. These movements are all compound exercises meaning they work more than one muscle group at a time which is great for burning calories!
  2. They help increase Flexibility
  3. Helps with Posture
  4. Strengthens Core = Less Belly Fluff and More Abs
  5. Helps Tone Leg Muscles which will diminish the appearance of cellulite

So why are you not doing these exercises?

I know some people get scared of getting hurt while performing them. So here is a quick Form Correction Video on them! Now you have no excuses! haha

I hope you enjoy, don’t forget to share with your family and friends!


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