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Everyone’s favorite topic! haha

For the most part, people HATE cardio! I use to one of those people…

It was boring and time seem to go at turtle pace while I was trying my best to make it through 30 minutes on the stairs or treadmill. So instead of hating on cardio and complaining the whole time, I decided to do a little switch up with it.

Instead of sticking with one cardio exercise the entire time, I now switch it up during my session!

So let’s say, I am knocking out 30 minutes of interval cardio today… What I would do is 10 minutes on bike, 10 minutes plyo, 10 minutes high knees. My video below will show you each move. You can mix it up and switch every 10 minutes or you can do 5 minutes on each exercise and go through it 6 times so you get in your entire session.

This has been an amazing way to fly through time and stubborn fat!


Best Cardio Exercises…

  • Plyo
  • Row
  • Spin Bike
  • Stairs
  • Sprints
  • Jump Rope

Now that you have these tips and exercises, it is time to get moving!!! Go kill it! 

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