Sexy Shoulder Time!

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Sexy Shoulder Time!

This may not be a popular topic to talk about, but that is why it is needed.

A lot of women’s blogs and magazines are so focused on booty and ABS all the time because let’s face it… that’s what sells.

But the issue is, we are forgetting to train our entire body which can be extremely harmful in the long run.

It can cause muscle imbalance and lead to serious injury. I know women get scared to lift, upper body because they don’t want to get manly arms, but what if I told you, you won’t get manly arms from lifting!? Instead, you can sculpt sexy shoulders and arms! Trust me, I use to get scared to train upper body too! And that didn’t turn out too well for me… I ended up with chubby arms and killer legs which just looked funny on the same body! Haha so let’s focus on sculpting a beautiful, balanced body!

Here is an amazing circuit for shoulders!


Double Press 20×3
Y Press 20×3
3 Direction Raises 20×3
Bent Over Flies 20×3
Low Flies 20×3
Ball Push 20×3
30 minutes cardio 

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