Pregnancy Update! with workouts and stretches

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My pregnancy is coming to an end…

It is bittersweet.

I am beyond excited to hold my little girl but I know I will miss the kicks and hiccups that I feel daily. I am pretty set on this being my only pregnancy because… man oh man! Pregnancy is harder than I excepted it to be.

Energy all over the place, Emotions all over the place, Hormones all over the place, Fat all over the place….

And people telling you everything you should and shouldn’t be doing with no actual knowledge behind what they are saying. haha so fun.

I have gained about 30lbs during pregnancy but was still told by the internet doctors (aka instagram trolls) that I haven’t gained enough, that I am insecure and need to eat more and stop working out because it is hurting my baby.

Well, at 36 weeks my baby girl is 5lbs and 10oz, perfectly healthy and I believe it is because I was mindful of my activity and cravings. I didn’t go crazy with cravings if I did I would probably be 100lbs heavier right now because all I wanted was ice cream. I worked out my entire pregnancy (so far) the days I needed rest, I would rest.

Staying active is beneficial to mama and baby. So don’t feel guilty for wanting to be active. It is a great thing to do. Even if it’s only a 5-minute stroll in the park. When you are active, your body releases chemicals called endorphins.  That feel-good chemical which is so important for us when we are going through so many changes. Babies with active moms come out leaner (in a good way) more brain activity and happier.

So it is not selfish to want to be active and for those who can’t be active. Please, don’t beat yourself up. I have talked to a lot of women on bed rest who feel awful about being on bed rest but it isn’t your fault. Take this time for you, reading, meditating, learning healthy recipes for the family, make it a fun and relaxing time!

I wanted to include some great pregnancy workouts below along with some great stretches and if you want to dive deeper into this topic, check out my pregnancy ebook! I include workouts broken down by trimester, how to sneak in your veggies, what your cravings really mean, stress and time management so that way you can feel confident, happy and healthy through this beautiful journey!

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