How to find out what works for you

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Do you find yourself eating right and doing all the cool new workouts on instagram but still not seeing results?

Truth be told, sometimes not all the cool workouts and diet trends work for everyone. I have been in this industry for 15 years and one thing that I have come to realize is there is no one way of doing things.

A lot of times, we fall in love with someone else’s body type and just want to copy what they are doing because… well… if we do that then we are bound to transform into them. Right?!


We are all different. Our bodies respond differently to how much weight we lift, reps and sets. Same with cardio, some people do better with HIIT, some people do better with LISS. And of course, we all respond differently to foods.

Me for the perfect example, I went from fasted workouts to hiring a trainer who forced me to eat before my workouts. She had me on the typical ass diet that everyone does. 4 egg whites and 1/2c oats every morning. I started noticing that my energy wasn’t the same at the gym.

I would get tired and couldn’t complete them so I told her, I believe it’s the food. I don’t think oats work well with my body and her response, “oats are healthy, if you aren’t allergic, you are fine. ” Right then and there, I knew I hired the wrong trainer.

I decided to finish out my last few sessions with her because I did love the workouts she put me through but I did exactly what she told me would ruin my body… I went back to fasted workouts. My energy was up, I had more strength and I was able to get through my workouts no problem again.

That taught me to be more mindful and to trust myself fully when I noticed a change in my body. And same goes for training… We think if we just move our bodies that we will get the results we want but we have to be mindful of what works for us.

I respond well to weights. I know the certain exercises that I need in order to get my body exactly how I want it. I have it dialed in to a T now and have been able to teach my clients the same.

Every once in a while, I will workout with other trainers just to bounce ideas and techniques off each other. Well, one day after a great training session, we jump on cardio. My weakness. I have horrible asthma that flares up anytime I get to crazy with cardio.

But I have found a way to actually do cardio and get maximum results from it! I do intervals for 15-20 minutes and it has done my body wonders without any crazy flare ups. On this morning, my lungs just weren’t working with me.

I couldn’t breathe at all and I figured it was because I had just been released from the hospital due to a colasped lung so I took it easy and this trainer told me that I do lazy cardio and I will never see results doing that. At this point, I was annoyed but figured, ok maybe she can explain better.

She told me if you aren’t doing intense cardio for 40 minutes, 6 days a week then you shouldn’t even bother doing it and I just couldn’t even believe it. I don’t understand how some trainers even get certified. They want to brainwash everyone to believe that their way is the only way and it drives me nuts.

I was constantly failing while trying all the crazy workout routines and diets and I can’t even imagine how many other people go through this because other trainers are just too full of pride to realize, there are other ways.

It sent me on a mission to help other’s crack their code so they can finally GET AND STAY FIT.  My number tip to people is BE MINDFUL on your journey and you will start to figure out your body on your own and truly crack the code.

If you want to crack your code now, get a pen, paper and join me for my free training on how I did it, how my clients did it and you can too! Join HERE!

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