Myths about detox

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As I write this blog, I am sipping on my wine. haha sticking to that balanced life. But def ready to detox so let’s dive in.

Anyways, People forget our bodies naturally detox, we don’t need to spend a ton of money on “detox” products.

With that being said, there are some detox products out there that are great to help boost the bodies natural healing properties. I’ll link those below.

But let’s go over some of these myths…

1. People believe juicing is the best form of detox but it’s not. A lot of that natural sugar can jack us up even more. It is better to eat the whole vegetable or fruit so you get the fiber. A juice here and there is great but no need to go spend $300 on a week of juices. So instead of the $300 dollar juice cleanse. Eat Whole Foods and over do it on the vegetables! If you don’t like vegetables too much then I recommending blending them with some fruit.

2. I need to avoid food. I don’t recommend that unless you are doing a fast which is great for detoxing but if you are someone that needs food then freaking eat it!!! Haha just stop eating the processed shit and stick with Whole Foods. So if you feel you need to avoid food because you over did it. You can do a intermittent fasting or a full day fast. It depends on your will power. If you chose to do intermittent fasting then for your eating window chose foods that will boost your bodies detoxing capabilities. Such as green tea, lemon, lime, berries, spinach, bell pepper, cucumber.

3. Daily Colon cleanse tea. This can be great for every 6-8 weeks. I do not recommend it more than that. Pick one that is more natural and not just a laxative. It is great to clean out that colon so you can absorb more nutrients but do not abuse this as it can do damage. Here is a natural one deep colon cleanse (you can order here and use discount code “TANA”) 

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