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How to Stay Motivated in the Gym!

  • Bring Donuts haha jk I mean, who isn’t motivated by donuts?! haha
  • Grab a Gym Buddy: This holds you accountable to actually go to the gym
  • Get Cute Gym Clothes: When you feel cute, you want to go show off so get cute and go workout!
  • Good Music: I love a great song to get me going for a great workout!!!
  • Workout Plan: This will give you strategy to get to your dream body, instead of walking around lost and ending up on the treadmill… haha we’ve all done that, right?
  • Go where you feel Motivated! Whether, that means working out at home, a park or a gym. Do what is more motivating for you!

   So I know.. these sound so basic but can help a lot in the long run!

Bringing Donuts is great! Considering you will probably make some new gym friends, that can turn into gym buddies.. haha ok I am joking! But that is how I became best friends with my friend, Brittany Herlean below. haha

Finding a Gym Buddy is great. Find someone who is motivated and not flakey. That way you guys will stay motivated to show up but also have fun while crushing goals at the gym. I love working out with someone because you can superset and fly through a workout. But be sure you guys have the some what of the same goals so you are on the same page.

A Cute Gym Outfit goes a long way. You can find a boyfriend or 10.. choice is yours. hahaha jk. But this will help boost your confidence in the gym by feeling good in what you wear. And when we feel good, we want to be there. If you dress like you are homeless (I use too so I know) haha then you won’t feel that great about yourself and may not want to be there.

Good Music… always makes for a good time. On my days where I want to just walk out… I turn on the most motivating song  I have and it will instantly change my mood to go kick ass!

Having a workout plan before you get to the gym makes life a lot easier. You will know exactly what you need to do and you won’t waste time walking around the gym looking lost! I use to do this and I would always end up just doing cardio which didn’t get me to my dream body. We need to do weights!

I offer Workout Plans so if that is something you need, email me for a free consultation:

Finding a space that motivates you… this one is tough but well worth it. If you go to a boring gym, you most likely won’t want to go. But if you find a gym that is motivating with nice people then you will be more likely to get excited about going. My gym is notorious for being busy and people complain all the time.. but it motivates me! I have made friends there, that just light up my morning and I love it. If you are motivated at home or at a park then do that! You just have to do what is best for you.

If you want another blog on Healthy Food Hacks then let me know!



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