Deadlifts for the Booty

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Do you do deadlifts?

If not, you should (unless your have an injury that prevents you from it)

Why Deadlift?

  1. Working More Muscles
  2. Gain Strength
  3. Muscle Growth
  4. Core Stability
  5. Better Posture

What to Use when you Deadlift…

You can use…

  1. Dumbbells
  2. Barbells
  3. Olympic Bar
  4. Resistance Bands
  5. Smith Machine

They all  have there benefits and I like to switch it up from dumbbells, barbells, olympic bar and sometimes the smith machine. A lot of people have a lot of negative stuff to say about the smith machine and deadlifts. But I like it when I’m going lighter and focusing on squeezing my glutes more since I lean back a lot to really squeeze my glutes. People think you can only deadlift like old school bodybuilders on the olympic bar but we all have different goals and ways of training. I found it easier for my clients to start on the Smith Machine so they can focus on the form and not hurt themselves. Starting light and working your way up in weight is smart. Don’t go full blown crazy heavy for the first time, always work your way up in weight and find what weight is best for you. 

My Favorite 5 Deadlifts….

  • Sumo Deadlift– This is great for inner thighs and glutes.
  • Wide Stiff Leg– This is great for hamstrings and glutes. ( I recommend to people struggling with cellulite on thighs)
  • Deadlift– This is great for complete lower body workout.
  • Narrow Stiff Leg– This is another amazing one for hamstring and glutes. (great to fight off cellulite)
  • Single Leg Deadlift– Is amazing for quads and glutes.

I included a video, the workouts are in order! So Hope you enjoy, Please leave some feedback so I know if I am helping you!

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