3 easy ways to tone up faster

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Are you someone dealing with cellulite, flabbiness and sagginess?

I remember that struggle…

For the life of me, I couldn’t tone up my arms. I hated them. I was constantly hiding under baggy jackets and long sleeve shirts even when it was hot as hell out. I looked so funny because my legs were tone and my upper body was flabby and saggy!

I had to really dive into research to figure out how to solve this issue…

Here’s what I found.

3 easy ways to tone up faster.

  1. Eat more protein. Not eating enough protein is extremely common for women. Some women believe if they eat too much protein, they will get bulky. That’s not true at all! You should be aiming for a fist size piece of meat/ protein each meal. Protein will help repair your muscles faster and keep your metabolism going even at resting. So be sure to eat your protein! Good quality protein which would be grass-fed beef, chicken, fish, eggs and if you are on the go, I recommend my whey protein. It is cold pressed for better absorption and has digestive enzymes in it to help break down easier so that means no bloating or stinky protein farts for you. haha You can order it by clicking here.
  2. Lift in the morning. I usually recommend lifting whenever you have the most energy but if you want to tone up faster then switching to morning workouts is best. Your HGH is higher so you build muscle easier. Plus, if you can do fasted workouts, you end up burning more fat so you’ll get your dream body in no time!
  3. Work each muscle group 3 times a week. So many women want to train the same muscle group daily like legs and that isn’t healthy. Your muscle needs time to repair so aiming to train each muscle group 3 times a week is the sweet spot for toning up because you are taking advantage on protein synthesis. You can lift on the lighter side and with less intensity when working your muscles more often which is another benefit for those who don’t want to die with high intensity workouts.

After I switched these things up, I saw results within a few weeks, feeling tighter and toner with less fat. Before I knew it, I was able to wear tank tops proudly but it is important to have structure during this time to really speed up the process.

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