What to eat after Leg Day!

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Is your goal to lose stubborn fat but build a solid booty?

Or you just want to shape your body and booty?!

Well, if that’s you then this blog is for you! On my fitness journey, I have gone from being too skinny, too fat and then just trying to maintain so I have been through it all over the past 15 years and let me tell you…

It’s been a struggle… no matter what stage I was at.

A lot of people think that they are the only ones going through a struggle with health and fitness but it is the number one thing, most people struggle with. So before we talk about meals, workouts and all that. I need you to get one thing right.


People give up so easy on this journey because their mindset isn’t right. People think they will have major wins overnight, within a few weeks or even months and sometimes that’s not the case. Especially, when you decide to do this journey on your own.

I know because I struggle for 6 years, being cheap, not believing in myself and thinking I will just always be this way. The biggest block I had during that 6 years was my mindset. I didn’t think I could do it and therefore, I couldn’t actually do it. I’d start and get excited for 3 days then get discouraged that the scale didn’t move and go binge eat on cake and ice cream which led to more weight gain.

When things get tough or don’t go perfect on your journey, it is a good time to sit back and remind yourself of your goal. Remind yourself that this didn’t happen overnight and your results won’t happen over night. You need to be patient with yourself and if you are sick of struggling on your own. Hire someone who has been in your shoes and knows how to get to where you want to be!

Now that we talked about mindset, let’s talk about meals…

I hear a lot of women asking, “what the heck do I eat after leg day?”

And I always say a balanced meal (depending on your goal)

So let’s say you want to lose fat but gain some muscle in the booty and legs then I would recommend eating something like turkey, sweet potato and green beans or eggs, sweet potato, bell pepper and onion which is actually one of my favorite breakfast meals!

Now if you are focused on losing and shaping (over 20lbs+) then I would recommend something more like eggs, spinach and cheese or chicken, bell pepper, onion and avocado one lettuce!

If you want to bulk and put on muscle to fill out then I would recommend beef, rice, bean and bell pepper or egg, oats and peanut butter with a side of berries.

A lot of times, we overthink our meals. I’ve had clients come to me and ask “Can I use seasoning?” YES! you don’t have to be crazy strict unless you are getting on stage for a bikini show or have a health issue. Other than that, ease up and enjoy life. Don’t over think it and break it down simple for yourself.

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