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Still struggling with that stubborn fat that you wanted gone at the start of the year? Now, we are over halfway through the year and approaching the Holiday Season.

This is the time of year that majority of people gain another 5-15lbs!

Here’s the 3 easiest things to do to avoid that extra 5-15lbs…

  • Don’t eat the first few hours when you wake up or before you go to bed. These are times when the hormone, melatonin are high and cause you to be insulin resistant which makes it easier to gain weight
  • Don’t eat all day. Stop with the 5 meals a day with snacks. This is constantly spiking insulin which takes your body out of fat burning mode. Stick to 2-4 solid meals each day focusing more on whole foods rather than processed foods.
  • Don’t get in the diet mindset. This makes us feel deprived then we end up overdoing it massively and that’s where a lot of that weight gain comes from. Look at it as finding more balance. You may hold some water from eating the processed foods but don’t stress or allow this to be where you spiral out of control.

I always recommend dialing your gut and hormone health so you don’t deal with more stubborn weight gain, bloating or water retention. I know when my estrogen is a little high, I retain more water, little things like that can cause me to want to continue to eat bad. So staying mindful of things like that can also be very helpful through the yummy Holiday Season. ❤️

If you are ready to add more structure to your routine for better motivation and results then I recommend booking your free consultation with me so we can dive into where you have been stuck, get you out of that funk and back on track once and for all.

It will a 30 minute zoom call, just you and I talking about your gut, hormones, goals and how to get you feeling your absolute best. I am now booking calls for next week so get your spot now by clicking here. They do fill up fast so get yours before I am all booked up.

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