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With this huge Keto Kick going on I wanted to go ahead and Talk Keto…

There is no right or wrong diet, it is all about what works for you and how you feel on it. I have done Keto a few times and I had great results but it was definitely a short term diet for me. Our body needs carbs to survive so I do prefer a balanced diet over anything because that is just easier for me to stick to and if you have followed me for a while you know this. But with that being said IF I need to drop fat fast and I need my results quick, I switch to the Keto Diet for about 3-6 weeks. Keto is High HEALTHY Fats, Moderate Protein and Low Carbs.

If this diet is done wrong, it can lead to high cholesterol, heart disease and unwanted body fat. So I always recommend doing a program for this instead of playing a guessing game with it. When you do the guessing game, it can leave you discouraged from not getting the results you were excepting or having the energy, you thought you would have.

Top 3 Benefits of Keto Diet:

  • Fast Fat Loss: Keto teaches your body to run on fat instead of glucose (carbs)
  • Brain Health: The Healthy High Fats help Brain Function
  • Appetite Control: Fats keep us Fuller Longer

It does take a bit for your body to shift from running on carbs to running on fats but if done properly, you will see and feel a difference within a week or so.

Who Should Avoid Keto:

  • Athletes: You need the carbs to kick ass and take names haha
  • People who want to add a lot of muscle mass
  • Naturally Lean People: tend to see better results from eating carbs

Do you want to try keto but don’t know where to start?

A lot of people are curious about keto but don’t have the correct knowledge when starting it which can lead to a huge disaster and you don’t want to start the new year out that way, do you?

If not, I have a “back on track challenge” starting on December 30th, 2018 in my Stay Fit Challenge.

This will be a 30 day keto diet with a 5 day meal guide, options to switch things out, HIIT workouts (with videos) that can be done at home or in the gym, the workout and meal guide change every 2 weeks with grocery list, you get a supplement guide, equipment guide, facebook support, live chats with me in the group and quick results to get that Holiday Fluff gone, oh and I do weekly check ins to make sure you are progressing properly and if you aren’t we can jump on a call and see what is going on! You get all of this for $27 a month. If you want to get your spot now, just click here.

I am only opening up 17 spots so get yours now!



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