It’s Monday…

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It’s Monday…

The day you said you’d start living a better life.

The day you said you’d start working on your goals.

So my question is, did you start?

If you did, I want to say awesome job! You are a rare breed so keep it up.

If you didn’t, I want to ask why?

What is holding you back?

I know what held me back when Monday use to be the day, I promised myself the world then always failed to take action.

I didn’t have guidance, I didn’t have accountability, I didn’t have confidence.

We all think we need to figure out these hot new diet trends and crap like that in order to be successful on our health and fitness journey, but let’s face it, we have an abundance of diet and workout info and research online and yet most of us are stuck.

What changed my life was my mindset.

I realized I had a limiting belief. A lot of them actually…

I didn’t find myself worthy of investing in myself.

I didn’t have the confidence to start things on my own.

I didn’t have anyone pushing me to really level up.

I didn’t have solid guidance.

One day, I made a decision.

I decided, I would live a better life. I would stop breaking promises to myself. So I did something that scared me. I hired a coach. I made sure it was someone who would meet me where I was at in my life but also be sure that they forced me to become the best version of myself I could be.

I am so grateful I chose to do that, that day.

If I didn’t I wouldn’t be here inspiring and pushing others into a better life.

If you make that promise to yourself today. Take action on something that scares you so you can have that growth and grow into the powerhouse you are meant to be. I can promise you, you will start to inspire and motivate the people around you. So decide today that you will keep your promises to yourself, decide to be better, do better and kick some butt!

With that being said, I will be taking on next set of  Get and Stay Fit Systems.

The Get and Stay Fit System is a 12 week program.
This is my fitness rewire, where I can teach you how to get and stay fit once and for all by walking hand in hand with you for 12 weeks.
How I do this…

  • Custom Meal Guides
  • Custom Workout Guides 
  • Mindful Morning Routine
  • Supplement Guide
  • 2 Check ins a week
  • You can contact me by texting me at any time


  • Recipe Ebooks
  • Food Journal
  • Mindset Guide
  • Goal Setting Planner
  • Form Guide
  • Access to Membership Site
  • Come hang with me in Vegas

If this is something that would help you, Email me  and say “ME”
then let’s jump on a call to be sure we are a perfect fit for each other on this journey!



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