home workout myths

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Do you tell yourself these myths? 😩

These only hold you back and if you are ready for results even from the comfort of your own home.. then keep reading 💁🏻‍♀️

1. People believe you need heavy weights or machines to build lean muscle mass but that’s not true. You can sculpt your dream body by lifting at a lighter weight and working your muscle groups more often. I say at least 3 times a week each muscle group.

2. People believe they can’t burn fat at home but that’s simply not true. Doing plyo, HIIT or full body circuits are a great way to get your body in fat burning mode.

3. People believe they can’t get motivated at home. This can be true until you give yourself no option. I was one of those people until I became a mom and I made a commit that my goals were more important than the past beliefs. Some days, it is harder to get into the flow but I turn on music, remember my goals and get to work.

I’m down 54lbs after giving birth, 3.5 years ago.. I’m someone who loves their sweets, their wine and their sleep so if I can do it then so can you.

If you need some great home workouts then I recommend getting the pumpkin butt challenge! This program will allow you to have your favorite foods, train from home and get results. If you want more details, just comment below and I will email you details

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