My Holiday Tricks And Treats

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During the Holiday Season, we are faced with endless goodies and alcohol.

 Do you ever get worried about Holiday fluff?

I found a lot of my clients getting stressed this time of year because they feared being the average American, who gains 5-15lbs during the season.

No need to worry though, I’m going to show you how you can enjoy your Holiday favorites without gaining weight with these simple tricks and treats. Let’s break things down nice and simple.

One concern, we all face… HOLIDAY PARTIES! ?

  • Eat clean all week, use party night as cheat night
  • Get your workouts in, do HIIT
  • Stay active as much as possible (example: walk when you can)
  • Stay on top of your water, even at the party (wine, water, wine, water)
  • Don’t stress over the party, go, eat, drink and enjoy (if you stress, you’ll be more likely to store as fat so laugh and enjoy yourself)

 The next day…

  • Do IF, Get your Healthy meals in, don’t snack on leftover junk, I would actually avoid bringing home junk food
  • Flush out your system with more water and a detox (here is the detox, I use)
  • Try to get a full body workout in, even if it’s short, quick 5 minute FASTED workout in the morning (workout below)

Next major concern, I hear all the time… “I am traveling for the holidays and scared I’ll have no control over diet or working out!”

While traveling it can be tough to stay on top of training and eating clean but you can control it! I would recommend using your travel days as full blown fasting days, if possible. It truly is a mindset thing… I use to be a pig when traveling… pack all the chips, candy and crap then when I got to the destination… I would just want to sleep because I felt like crap. Obviously, that’s not a fun way to vacation so I started doing fasting until I get to my destination and it was a game changer for me! I felt great, I had energy, less bloating, cravings and got to wear all the cute vacay clothes, I packed! So I felt good when we went to sightsee and get dinner.

Now, if you are staying with a family member or friend just let them know you are trying to be good and ask if they can have some healthy stuff there for you or stop at the store when you get there to get what you need. If you can’t do that then most restaurants, you can order somewhat clean! When I travel, I will order a chicken sandwich with no bun and enjoy myself with some sweet potato fries or a side of steamed veggies. You usually have some control over what you can have. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just make mindful decisions. Always enjoy yourself during holidays or vacation time!

Last major concern, working out while busy with the Holiday season or traveling…

As far as training, You can knock out some great fat burning workouts in 5 minutes. You can do body weight or band exercises. That’s usually my go-to when I travel. If you are staying at a hotel, they usually have a little gym you can use and even though it might not be great, you can still get a decent workout in. To be honest, I am usually not too motivated to go down to the gym when I travel so I just knock it out in the room right when I wake up then I walk whenever it is possible. If I have to go back to the room because my baby needs a nap, I will take advantage of that and do a “lazy girl” workout by working out on the couch in front of the tv. It isn’t super high intensity but feels better than just sitting there! here is an example of my lazy girl workout. 

Here is a quick recap of everything we went over…

Party Tips and The day after…

  • Eat good or fast up until the party
  • Get your workouts in
  • Enjoy and don’t stress


Travel tips…

  • Resistance Bands
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Water

Workout wise…

  • Stay active
  • Short, quick workouts
  • Walk or ride bike when you can

Yummy  Holiday Treats to Try With Your Family and Friends…

If you feel like you still need help with some structure, accountability and getting on track then book your free zoom call with me. We can dive into your goals, see what’s holding you back and figure out the best path for you.

Book your call here.

  • Pick the day that works best for you
  • Fill out application
  • Show up and be ready for your call

Don’t be the average American who gains 5-15lbs every Holiday Season. Make this year different by adding in simple structure so you can eat your favorite foods and still lose weight.


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