Eating Out While On a Diet

Eating Out While On a Diet

I know a lot of my clients get concerned about Eating Out While On a Diet…

But I actually recommend it. Why!?

Because dieting isn’t just a short term thing, it is a lifestyle. As a lifestyle, you should be free to go out and socialize and still make healthy choices! Going out with family and friends is a reward, we all live for.

We may not see it as a treat but if you really think about it, it really is. It’s a time to go enjoy company, good food and no cleaning dishes! It gives our mind a break from the crazy world and work.

Tips on Eating Out While on a “DIET”

  • Eat Before Going Out, We’ve all made that mistake of going to a restaurant STARVING and end up over eating! So having a healthy snack to fill you up before hand is always a great choice.
  • First Drink to be Ordered, should be water! If you want an alcoholic beverage, at least wait until you have a glass of water. Sometimes we order drinks out of habit or peer pressure so that can fade away after your first glass of water. I usually tell my clients, they can still drink 3 “adult” drinks a week but keep in mind the sugar and calorie intake.
  • Eat Mindful. Most places now days have a “mindful” menu. You can get a chicken sandwich with no bun and a side of steamed veggies with rice or potatoes. Even at Fast Food Places (not the best choice) but I’m Still Able to Make Good Choices!
  • Don’t Get Tempted (unless it’s cheat day) Most restaurants tend to overfeed us, so eat slow, drink your water and you should be pretty full by the end of your meal… which then means you get that question… Would Anyone Like Dessert? haha Don’t fall into that trap! Don’t even look at the menu because once you do.. it’s game over or at least for me it is! haha

We can’t keep falling into this trap of being so scared and strict on diets or they will continue to fail. Make it a habit to go out once a week and eat healthy with friends or family!

This will also motivate you to want to eat good and train hard because we all I want to look good when we go out! I know when I’ve been eating bad, I want to hide under my bed until the bloat goes away! haha

So go out and ENJOY yourself! Try these tips and if you want to dive deeper into on this topic, join me for my free training by clicking here.


Great advice Tana, You’re so right about eating out being a treat, when I started healthy eating I became a little obsessed and completely stopped drinking and eating out and when the time came to eat out I’d be the one who didn’t order or ordered a plain salad. I finally broke the barrier and have never been happier, I now eat out once a week, have an occasional glass of red wine and I’ll be using your advice to improve my eating out habits. 🙂

I also believe and I’m sure you do to in the good old zig and zag, eating really healthy and occasionally adding a few bad things, example being today’s lunch, had three sliced of brown bread with peanut butter, but added a giant green salad.

Don’t know where I’m going with this, anyway thanks for the awesome article.

I really like your tip about eating slow and drinking your water so that you are pretty full by the end of the meal. That seems like a great way to make sure that you aren’t over-eating while you are on your diet. My husband and I have been wanting to try this Italian restaurant in our town so we will have to keep these tips in mind, thank you for sharing!

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