Eat your protein to burn fat

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Metabolism slowing down?

Booty sagging?

Well, it is time to up your protein sister!

I talk to women all day about their weight loss goals and I have to say about 98% of them are scared that they will get too bulky from protein which is just flat out false.

We need protein and yeah…sometimes it is hard to get it in being a busy woman constantly on the go. I get it!

I fell into that trap and gained 10lbs in 6 weeks so I decided to shock the heck out of my body to get back on track.

I am currently doing the carnivore diet!!!

Which if you know me, you know I don’t push diets unless it is short term so yes, you guessed it. I am only doing this for a short amount of time. I haven’t fully committed to the amount of time but I am aiming for 5 days to give my body a boost of protein.

I am down 6lbs after only 1 day! Insane, right?

Protein helps us in so many ways!

  • Thyroid health
  • Build lean muscle mass
  • Burns more fat
  • Keeps you fuller longer

How to get quick protein in…

If you want  to hear about how I fast and eat on the carnivore diet then watch my video now!


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