Core Workouts (yes even for pregnant women)

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Core Workouts that you can do even while pregnant…

A lot of people think you can’t work your core while pregnant because after first trimester, you don’t want to be laying flat on your back. But there are some major benefits to training your core while pregnant unless you are high risk or have diastasic recti which is when your abs separate. You can check yourself for that or ask your doctor too. Other than that, working core is great for mama and baby.

You have to look at your core like a support belt even if you aren’t pregnant. This is our CORE. You want to focus on obliques, TVA, abdominal wall, pelvic floor and lower back unless your doctor tells you not to. But working these muscle groups creates better posture, eases back pain, less prone to injury, easier delivery and recovery if you are pregnant or plan to be. Strong muscles work harder and repair faster.

You can train your core daily, yes even while pregnant. You can do it before your workout or after your workout. I usually will chose to do it after my workout so I am in fat burning mode and ready to burn through those love handles and lower belly fat! haha I would recommend this way if you are holding 10lbs or more in fat.  But if you chose to do them before your actual workout, that is a great option as well. I recommend people do that when they are closer to their goals. One benefit it does have is, you start your training with core and that helps engage it more through your whole workout.

Here is a great routine for core! I showed how pregnant women should modify it and then how non-pregnant women can kick it up a notch. With core workouts, I say aim for 20-30 reps or seconds and repeat 4 times. 4 has been the magic number for extra amazing results. Remember, please run these workouts by your doctor and if you have any discomfort, stop immediately!

Extra one for my preggers. Easy and effective.



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