Best and Worst Diets

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We are always searching for the next best diet…

And while all diets work, we need to figure out what diet works best for you!

When you are trying to do a short term diet to drop weight quickly, it’s ok to jump on a strict diet train and knock it out for a few weeks. I do this when I have photoshoots or events coming up. I always cut back the alcohol, dairy, processed carbs, processed sugars and make sure I up my veggie, healthy fat and protein intake! It works amazing, quickly and I feel fine for about 2-3 weeks then I go a little crazy. haha

And that’s where most people have an issue. We can stick to something for about a week or two then when it gets tough, we get frustrated and give up.

This is the exact reason, I don’t like diets…

As far as long term diets…

I don’t even like to use the word diet because it has a bad rep but let’s face it… Diet just means eating habits when it really comes down to it. So even as of now, if you are eating food daily… you are on a diet! But if you aren’t happy with how you feel or look. It’s a good time to actually start looking at what you’re eating and how you can change it up so you feel and look GREAT!

This is how I like to teach my clients. It’s all about being mindful about what you eat and really seeing how your body responds to certain foods. Just because chicken and broccoli works for someone, doesn’t mean it’ll work for you! Some people don’t digest meat well, others don’t digest broccoli well so it’s all about going within and figuring out what foods are and aren’t working with your body.

For starters, I teach my clients to clean up the daily diet by cutting out awful stuff that they eat DAILY like soda, alcohol or pastries. Stuff like that… It’s ok to have it weekly or even every 4 days (if you are lean enough)  but as you become more mindful and dive into the self-love, self respect, you won’t crave it as much.

It’s crazy because I lived on ice cream and donuts for forever and now days, I will have that stuff like 1 or 2 times a week and I’ll be fine. It really came back to my mindset about food though. Instead of being so sad that I can’t eat donuts daily, I look at it as I don’t want to fuel my ONE body with awful stuff and remind myself how sluggish and tired I feel after I eat it. It made it a lot easier to drop the bad habits of eating awful!

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