Products to make your health and fitness journey easy

Products to make your health and fitness journey easy

Supplement and product recommendations to make your life and weight loss journey easier.

These are some of my favorites. I love the brand, product, ingredients and convenience. 


Y’all are going to love this…

I got hooked on matcha lattes a while ago but I hate spending so much money at the coffee shop so I found a company that made making matcha lattes easy… pique tea click here to check them out.

I put ice in a cup, almond milk, vanilla creamer and my pique tea matcha, stir and enjoy.

They have tons of other great teas too.


If you want to make your busy life easier, here is a great meal prep company. They come straight to your door frozen so no grocery shopping, cooking and wasting uneaten food. 

Great if you want a healthy lunch at work or on the go. 

Oh and they are all “Tana” approved. Haha 

you can check them out here

Discount code: tc 


Detox organics: superfoods powder helps with bloating. Take 5 days a week in a protein shake.

Daily protein: is a vegan protein so easier to digest and won’t bloat you like other proteins. Take 5-7 days a week.

 Daily boost: this helps support thyroid which boosts metabolism health and burns stubborn fat. I recommend using this on the days you train.

Emergency detox: good for the weekends. If you eat bad and want to feel better.

 You can get all these products on

 Use TC for discount



Yoni care:

Yoni care may help balance hormones which impacts your weight loss majorly. That is one way I was able to drop the weight so fast after I had McKenzie. This also helps with cramping, having a healthier period and even help tighten up down there. I love the yoni steams, it is so relaxing. You can order yours here and use discount code: “TANA”

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