About Coach Tana Cogan

 I am a Certified Personal Trainer, I specialize in Behavior Change, Weight Loss and Body Sculpting. I know what you are probably thinking... Why Behavior Change? That is the number 1 thing missing in most people's fitness journey. I chose to focus on that so I can help other's over come the struggle of Yo-Yo Dieting, Binge eating and Constantly starting over. I want you to get and stay fit once and for all!

I started working out when I was 13 and developed a huge passion for helping others, so once I finished high school, I got certified and started doing fitness competitions. But that led down a pretty dark path...

I struggled for 6 years with Yo-Yo Dieting, Binge eating and Constantly starting over. I tried everything and the fact nothing was working left me feeling depressed, stressed and like a failure. This all happen because I was brainwashed to believe dieting and hours in the gym were the only way to stay fit. 

The second, I stopped dieting and doing 2 hours of cardio a day, I gained 30lbs within a month. This was so embarrassing, I was 18, kicking ass in the fitness industry then BOOM, 30lbs that I couldn't get off. 

Once, I realized it wasn't about the hottest new diet or workout trend and about an actual change, that's when I was able to find a balance. I am able to eat what I love and not spend hours in the gym while walking around in my dream body, healthy and happy.

 Once I cracked the code, I made it my mission to help others achieve the same success, no matter where they are at. 

I have a variety of training plans for you to choose from based on your personal goals and fitness levels. Below you will find my main online training programs. Here you can choose from Meal Plan Program, Workout Plan Program, Combo Program or my Most Popular Program The Get and Stay Fit System. 

Have a look through my site and choose your starting point. If you are still struggling to figure out what program is best for you, Please fill out the Questionnaire and let's hop on a call, I look forward to working with you and helping you meet your goals.

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How The Training Programs Work

There are three main training programs for you to choose from below depending on your current goals. 

Each plan has "one time fee" followed by a "monthly subscription fee" thereafter. Each month you'll get an updated plan from me based on your personal needs.

You may cancel your subscription at anytime with no hidden fees or BS like that.

Online Training Programs

Meal & Workout Plan

The Meal and Workout Plan includes, a custom meal guide based off your goals, foods you prefer, medical issues and allergies. It also includes grocery list with a supplement guide. The workouts are customized to home or gym workouts, days, hours and injuries. You will get access to my membership site. Along with weekly check ins to make sure you are motivated and reaching your goals!


What Other Clients Have To Say...

Here are some of my clients that have followed my programs
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Before and Afters...

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