booty tricks

booty tricks

I want to focus on booty since I have so many women write me saying they struggle with getting a toned booty or bigger booty.

​I know a lot of us get confused on what to do to actually help with our cellulite, saddlebags and how to build our booty properly!

So quick and easy tips that you can apply now…

1. Don’t be scared of carbs! we need them to actually repair and grow our muscles! Especially after a good leg/booty workout.

2. Don’t be scared of weights! That is how we burn stubborn fat, diminish cellulite and shape our booty!

3. Don’t over do it on cardio! or you’ll turn out with a pancake butt. 😞 Doing more cardio will not help with cellulite. You need a good balance of weight training and cardio.

​You can play the guessing game as usual and not get the quick results you want or you can join THE Bikini Booty Challenge for 6 weeks, where I share the best foods, exercises and tricks to get amazing results.

​In the bikini booty challenge taking place in the stay fit membership, I will teach you exactly how much to eat, what to eat through an easy to follow meal guide. I show you the perfect booty exercises so you aren’t wasting time doing the wrong ones and I will tell you the perfect amount of cardio to do so you see the results you want!

Get started here!

  • You get a 5 days meal guide that changes biweekly.
  • You get a 5 day workout guide that changes biweekly.
  • Video library
  • Supplement guide.
  • Motivation tips and tricks.
  • Facebook community.
  • And prizes when you hit your goal!

You get all of this for only a small investment of $27 dollars a month!
​So start here!

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