What’s up beautiful!? Serious question… Have you ever felt like giving up or have you given up on yourself? If you have, you aren’t alone.  You know I tell you everything and lately, I have felt like giving up. I have been exhausted. Pregnancy has kicked my ass, made me emotional and made me feel like I

Back Attack

I wanted to Share my awesome Back Routine with you all since it seems to be a huge concern with bikini season coming up. And trust me, I get it! I use to have that annoying back fat that would hang over my bra and tank tops so it made me want to hide under

Pregnancy Update: week 25

25 weeks into pregnancy and count down begins!!! Let’s start with… I FEEL LIKE A COW AND I AM GROWING UTTERS! hahahaha  This week was the first week, I started camping out for fast food. The cravings have gotten strong and I have wanted a lot of carbs and sugar which I am assuming are

When to start and stop eating…

Have you been confused by all the info out there? I have to eat first thing in the morning!? I can’t eat carbs past 5pm?! If I want a rocking body, I have to eat everywhere 3 hours… I believed all this bs too, when I first started in my fitness journey, 15 years ago…