Stay on track while Traveling

Have you ever been nervous about traveling because you don’t want to ruin your progress? I have! haha Leaving my dogs and getting out of routine were my 2 biggest fears while traveling so instead of adjusting, I just wouldn’t travel. haha What a life, right? I finally realized I need to get over that

Pelvic Floor Workout

Pelvic Floor Workouts are important for everyone. Especially moms and moms to be… A lot of times, we are working our pelvic floor during basic exercises and don’t even know! Crazy, right?! Some basic exercises that work the pelvic floor would be, squats, lunges, and bridges. The most infamous workout for pelvic floor is kegel!

Eating Out While On a Diet

I know a lot of my clients get concerned about Eating Out While On a Diet… But I actually recommend it. Why!? Because dieting isn’t just a short term thing, it is a lifestyle. As a lifestyle, you should be free to go out and socialize and still make healthy choices! Going out with family and friends

How a cheater made me cheat myself

Hey Beautiful. I have a serious question. How do you view yourself?  Do you look at you and your health and fitness as an expense or an investment? A lot of us don’t feel worthy or don’t take our health and fitness goals seriously. We believe we just have to settle for what we have