Stay fit track while Traveling

Ever been nervous to travel because you know progress you’ve made will just disappear?  I definitely have! Leaving my dogs and getting out of routine were my two biggest fears while traveling.    So what did I do instead? I just didn’t go… what a great solution, huh? I finally realized I need to get over

Supplement Recommendations

When I find a product I like, I stick to it and of course share it with you guys so add this to your Christmas list if you want to look extra hot in your bikini this upcoming summer!   If you have followed me for a while, you will recognize this company. The reason

Figure Out Your Diet

Time to Figure Out Your Diet! First, let’s start with the most popular diets of today… We have… Keto Carb Cycling Macros Intermittent Fasting They all have their benefits but work differently for EVERYONE! So let me break these diets down NICE AND SIMPLE! Keto:  Keto diet forces your body to get into and stay in


Banish The Bloat…. I hope you all enjoyed your Holiday Festive’s so far, I don’t know about you but I sure did overeat. I am feeling puffy, sluggish and bloated. Every time I get like this, I totally lose motivation so it is important for me to “debloat” ASAP! I’ve used these little tricks after