The real fitness scam

Today on IG live, someone said, “there are so many fitness scams.”Which is far from true and it led me to want to share an important message. People believe the scam is a supplement, a diet, a trainer, a program… “Oh I tried that program and it failed so it is a scam.”  Sorry Sally… that

How to get back on track

One thing that is beyond mind-blowing to me is seeing people give up on themselves just because they were off track for a day or even a week so I want to step you up with 3 easy steps of how you can get back on track after any fall off! I use to fall

Love Handle Loser

The Love Handle Loser! With summer coming up, everyone wants to lose those love handles and I totally get it! Who doesn’t want to feel confident in a bikini!? As many of you know, you can’t really target a certain area, you can do isolation training which will help build that muscle and fight off

Booty Building Cardio

Booty Building Cardio… OK truth be told, you can’t just build a butt on JUST cardio. You need to have a healthy balance between weights and explosive cardio. Some people are scared to lift weights because they think they will get manly, you won’t… you need them in order to help build lean muscle mass.