Pregnancy Update: week 25

25 weeks into pregnancy and count down begins!!! Let’s start with… I FEEL LIKE A COW AND I AM GROWING UTTERS! hahahaha  This week was the first week, I started camping out for fast food. The cravings have gotten strong and I have wanted a lot of carbs and sugar which I am assuming are

When to start and stop eating…

Have you been confused by all the info out there? I have to eat first thing in the morning!? I can’t eat carbs past 5pm?! If I want a rocking body, I have to eat everywhere 3 hours… I believed all this bs too, when I first started in my fitness journey, 15 years ago…

Bikini Body Challenge

WHO IS READY FOR BIKINI SEASON!? Are you feeling motivated thinking about bikini season!? I wasn’t… I mean… let’s be real, who could be with this cold ass weather? But I have something exciting for you. It got me excited enough to put the cookies down! Time to work on my bikini body! YES even

Best workouts and foods for Core

In my booty blog, I talked about what is most important to us, ladies… And it is booty and core! So I promised a core blog as well! We have this misconception, that if we want a flat stomach or some ab definition then we need to starve ourselves and do as much cardio as