My favorite diet

If you have followed me for a while, you know I am not huge on dieting. Yes, you need to clean up your eating habits in order to drop weight but you shouldn’t be on something super restrictive. So, if I had to choose a diet, it would definitely be carb cycling. I love this
I get people asking this all the time, “Should I workout at home or the gym?” I’ve also heard it used as an excuse… I don’t have a gym membership so I can’t workout. And truth be told you can get amazing results at home as well, all you need is dumbbells and bands with

Fit(ish) Pregnancy

No one talks about how first trimester will kick your ass. haha Ok well, not for everyone but a lot of people I talk to now, tell me “oh yeah! First is the worst.” So during the first trimester, I truly mean it when I say listen to your body. If you are tired, rest.

Leg Day Workout and Nacho Recipe

Today on IG LIVE, I asked, “what do you guys need?” I had a ton of people asking for a good leg day routine as well as a yummy, healthy recipe. So, I hooked you up with some of my favorite workouts and of course recipes! LEG DAY WORKOUT: Deadlift to Front Squat Hamstring Curl