My Holiday Tricks And Treats

During the Holiday Season, we are faced with endless goodies and alcohol. My clients use to stress this time of year big time because they feared being the average American, who gains 5-15lbs during the season but then I taught them some simple tricks and treats so they could continue to enjoy the season and

BYE BYE BAT WINGS! (tricep workout)

BYE BYE BAT WINGS! Every time I wave bye to someone, I feel like I’m going to take flight due to my bat wings! I use to always wear long sleeve shirts because I was so insecure of my stubborn arm fat. The more women I train, I realize I’m not the only one struggling

Tummy Toner, Booty Builder

Lets start with the Tummy Toner… 5 Steps to a Tone Tummy Eat Foods that Help Banish Bloating: Almonds, Pineapple, Banana, Asparagus, Artichoke and Avocados Interval Cardio and Workouts: Doing 1 minute moderate and 1 minute hardcore on and off for at least 20 minutes is the best way to burn stubborn belly fluff. Keep your

Free Fat Burning Challenge

One thing I talk about a lot is the fact we overwhelm ourselves a lot when it comes to health and fitness. When we do that, we get discouraged and stop taking action so I created a challenge that will help you get back in the habit of taking care of you so you can