Eating Out While On a Diet

I know a lot of my clients get concerned about Eating Out While On a Diet… But I actually recommend it. Why!? Because dieting isn’t just a short term thing, it is a lifestyle. As a lifestyle, you should be free to go out and socialize and still make healthy choices! Going out with family and friends

How a cheater made me cheat myself

Hey Beautiful. I have a serious question. How do you view yourself?  Do you look at you and your health and fitness as an expense or an investment? A lot of us don’t feel worthy or don’t take our health and fitness goals seriously. We believe we just have to settle for what we have
What’s up beautiful!? Serious question… Have you ever felt like giving up or have you given up on yourself? If you have, you aren’t alone.  You know I tell you everything and lately, I have felt like giving up. I have been exhausted. Pregnancy has kicked my ass, made me emotional and made me feel like I

Back Attack

I wanted to Share my awesome Back Routine with you all since it seems to be a huge concern with bikini season coming up. And trust me, I get it! I use to have that annoying back fat that would hang over my bra and tank tops so it made me want to hide under