Grocery Haul and Recipe Ideas

I get a ton of questions about what I eat so I decided to do a blog on it. I hope this gives you an idea of what to eat and how you can easily switch it up. I think a lot of times we over think meals, food and that whole aspect of health

Sneak more Greens in Your Diet

As most of you know, I rather eat donuts over kale any day… Can anyone relate? haha  If so, I am going to tell you about some amazing recipes that help me get my greens in! A lot people think it’s easy for me since I was raised with a healthy lifestyle but to be

Why do Full Body Workouts?

So what is the best way to build lean muscle mass and burn stubborn fat? This is a topic that I never stop researching… I am absolutely obsessed with it because I like to get my clients and myself that best results possible. For the longest time, I was told the correct way to train

Gym VS Home Series

One excuse I hear all the time… I don’t have a gym membership so I can’t get in shape or I can’t do that exercise… So I want to open your mind and show you how you can actually do almost every exercise at home with just a band! Sometimes, we just have to get