Stay Consistent and Finding Balance

Why is it so hard to stay consistent? I talk to women daily and hear that staying on track is the hardest thing to do for them. Life happens, family, events, vacation, getting tired and just flat out busy! I totally get this and when it comes down to it, I say, “your goal doesn’t

10 Steps to Stop Cravings

What Are Your Cravings Telling You… We look at cravings as bad or annoying these days. Not all cravings are bad. It can be so frustrating to be doing great on your diet and BOOM! Out of no where you get a crazy craving, that you just can’t stop thinking of. Instead of looking at

Cheat Treat Sheet

So many of us love and hate cheat day… We get scared that all of our hard work will disappear or that we will fall back to our old habits. While both of these have a bit of truth to them, you shouldn’t be scared because it won’t happen unless you overdo it. You may


Felon to Fitness Queen… This was not easy for me to talk about in fear of being judge or looked down on for a past mistake. I felt the need to open up and tell my story in hopes of helping others. Just because you have a record, does not mean you go back to