top 3 belly blasting exercises

The other day, I wrote about stubborn belly fat and what you need to be eating and staying away from so today I wanted to dive deeper and give you some great workouts to stack with that great advice. So many people go in the gym completely clueless on what to do. They will find

top 3 reasons women get stomach fat

Stubborn belly fat… Beyond annoying, right? Every single woman I talk to tell me one thing… I HATE MY STUBBORN STOMACH FAT so I wanted to tell you why it’s happening and how we can correct it so you can get ready for bikini season now. Yes, I know it’s winter but still… haha have

Staying consistent

One struggle I hear all the time is people staying consistent on their health and fitness journey. I remember the days of constantly starting over and I want to share what helped me actually stay consistent! It’s really simple but we all like to overcomplicate things. Right? We all believe we have to spend hours

Ops… everyone is mad at me again…

One thing I do well… Piss people off. haha I made a post about how counting calories is stupid and I made all the calorie counters hate me. Well, my post didn’t exactly say calorie counting is stupid but I said people don’t need it and you could save more time if you didn’t do