Where to Start…

Where to Start… It can be pretty confusing trying to figure out where to start on your fitness journey because there is so much information out there! I want to break it down nice and simple for everyone. If you can’t afford a trainer, you need to be ready to do some research and playing

Eating out Guidelines!

Why is it when we “diet” we think we can’t go out to eat? Well truth be told… WE CAN! haha and you don’t have to feel guilty about it! I remember starting my fitness journey… I’d bring my home cooked meals to places because I was so brainwashed.  This left me feeling like I

Inner Thigh Tips!

Ok, LADIES! Does anyone else struggle with the stubborn inner thigh fluff?! That was one of the hardest areas for me to tone up but now that I have, I want to share what I did so you can do it too! A lot of times, we try to spot reduce and that doesn’t really

BYE BYE BAT WINGS! (tricep workout)

BYE BYE BAT WINGS! Every time I wave bye to someone, I feel like I’m going to take flight due to my bat wings! I use to always wear long sleeve shirts because I was so insecure of my stubborn arm fat. The more women I train, I realize I’m not the only one struggling