How to get back on track

One thing that is beyond mind-blowing to me is seeing people give up on themselves just because they were off track for a day or even a week so I want to step you up with 3 easy steps of how you can get back on track after the Holidays! I use to be like

The Holiday Detox

Did you know the average American gains about 15-20lbs during the holiday season!? So how do you avoid being that average American? It is hard to say “no” to all the amazing goodies! It’s hard to get out of our warm, comfy beds in the morning to get our butts to the gym. All of this

Pregnancy Update

Everyone seems to be wanting a pregnancy update and I love that! I am beyond grateful for all the support and love from you guys, so thank you! I decided to take a laundry break and update you guys but let me be honest, this blog is a bit vain… I don’t feel like much

Stay on track during the Holidays

I use to hate this time of year for one vain reason. It would be so stressful for me because I loved food so much but I was so mentally messed up that I couldn’t enjoy it. I had believed, that if I get off track at all, that I will fall off, lose my