Easiest way to get motivated

I have one simple tip to get you to get motivated.ACTION.We overthink everything. We need this, we need that… if I don’t have it… I can’t get started.If you are thinking that way then you will never get started.I use to do it all the time, my number one reason for excuse.Oh… I don’t have

Love Handle Loser

The Love Handle Loser! With summer coming up, everyone wants to lose those love handles and I totally get it! Who doesn’t want to feel confident in a bikini!? As many of you know, you can’t really target a certain area, you can do isolation training which will help build that muscle and fight off

Let’s talk fasting

What does breakfast even mean? It means, BREAK-FAST. You are breaking your fast since most of us don’t eat in our sleep. haha So fueling yourself properly is important. I’m just not hungry in the morning. I rather get up and go workout. I have been like this my entire life until I had a
My pregnancy is coming to an end… It is bittersweet. I am beyond excited to hold my little girl but I know I will miss the kicks and hiccups that I feel daily. I am pretty set on this being my only pregnancy because… man oh man! Pregnancy is harder than I excepted it to