Free Fat Burning Challenge

One thing I talk about a lot is the fact we overwhelm ourselves a lot when it comes to health and fitness. When we do that, we get discouraged and stop taking action so I created a challenge that will help you get back in the habit of taking care of you so you can

STOP treating yourself like a lab rat!

Do you ever feel like a lab rat? I know I use to… Constantly jumping from one crazy diet to another, Yo-Yo dieting and even binge eating on my stressful days. Can you relate? After a crazy binge, I’d do more unhealthy shit like take laxatives, fat burners and starve myself. The more open I became
With more and more Instagram “trainers” fighting for attention nowadays, I see some ridiculous ass exercises that get posted and then I watch these women who are fighting to drop weight bust their ass in the gym and not see results so today, I wanted to take some time and show some of my favorite

Food Myths that ruin your progress

There are so many resources of information out there creating Food Myths! A lot of the time magazines, blogs, and other resources will post some insane diet fad like it is the best thing since sliced bread then change it up the next month saying something totally different.   Do you know why they do that? To keep your