About Tana Cogan

Tana Ashlee here! Fitness Expert and Trainer!

 I'd like to start with saying Thank You for checking out  trainwithtana.com, I created this site to share knowledge with you as well as get you on track with your mind, health and fitness!

I have an amazing system that helps people get back on track ONCE AND FOR ALL! Not only do I focus on your health and fitness but we will truly dive deep into your mind! This way we can break the old unhealthy habits and create new healthy habits that will benefit you in your new lifestyle. 

I started working out when I was 13 and I know what you're probably thinking... "oh, this is easy for her since she's grown up with it" and you're actually wrong... Fitness was a rollercoaster ride for me! But I never gave up. 

After hiring a ton of coaches, I recognized one thing they all had in common... They never really cared about my mental state. They would just make me a plan and send me on my way... It made me feel like they only cared about getting a before and after picture so they could gain more clients. Have you ever felt that way? It is the worst! You put your trust in someone and feel so let down. 

But This let down inspired me to become a trainer. Not just an average trainer either... I was truly inspired me to master the mind, health and fitness so I can impact people's lives and break the constant cycle of starting over and having people feel let down! I got certified at 17 and have not stopped educating myself on these topics ever  since. I decided to do online training so I could help people worldwide and I am doing just that now! It has fulfilled my life in so many ways and I hope to make an impact in your life as well even if we don't work together!


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