Workout and Recipe

So today was my first day back in the gym and I was so excited about it. My breathing still isn’t 110% yettttt but I was able to get through a great leg day and refuel with some amazing food so I wanted to share my workout and this amazing recipe with you guys. I

Hospital Story

So if you have been following my story you know I was in the hospital. I was hospitalized because of vaping…. So if you know anyone that vapes, please share this story with them. I’m not one to knock anything but this was such a scary experience and once the assistant walked in and told

My Go to Supplements

My Go to Supplements… My number one question I get from people is “are supplements necessary?” I always reply with “no supplements are not necessary.” Taking supplements is 100% up to you. Yes, they can benefit you with diet and exercise but there is on magic supplement to drop weight without diet and exercise. I’ve been

The Secret to Motivation

The Secret to Motivation…  We all want to better ourselves but why does it become so hard to motivate ourselves to stay on the right track? This is something I struggle with as well, we all do. It’s easier to sleep in and not change your life, so that’s what most people do. But are