Time Management

People use the excuse “I don’t have time” way too often. So today, I am here to challenge you to make time for your goals. When you desire something, you have to make time for it but a lot of times instead of making time, we make excuses. When that happens it’s usually because we

Top 6 Booty Workouts

  If you are trying to build or tone your booty, these are the Top 6 Booty Workouts, you don’t want to miss! I always recommend doing weights with your exercises, especially while trying to build and tone. But if you are new to working out I would recommend very light weight or no weight

Mental Meltdown

I remember my first major meltdown on my fitness journey… After dieting hardcore for 4 weeks and training my butt off, I was so excited to get on the scale, do my progress pictures and measurements! I walk into my bathroom (naked because I wanted to make sure nothing was going to add to my

Meal Prep Hacks

I had to share some Meal Prep Hacks since so many people use the excuse “I don’t have time to meal prep.” You don’t need meal prep in order to have success on your health and fitness journey… Yes, it makes it easier to make wise choices when you are hungry but it is not