Protein Goodies

We’ve all been there… It’s late night and we want something sweet and yummy! So instead of indulging in something we might regret, why not indulge in something that will benefit your fitness goals!? PROTEIN GOODIES!  I love sweets so I am constantly trying to find recipes that will help me with my sweet tooth

Daily Meals

DAILY MEALS! Today, I want to take you through my meals for the day! My meals change daily. I don’t count anything. I know what foods are good for me and listen to what my body needs. I use to over think the whole “diet” thing and kept failing so I learned through trial and
Squats and Deadlifts… Truly a girl’s best friend. haha Only if done correctly though… So I decided to do a video on correct form for both.   Add These Awesome Workouts to Your Squats and Deadlift Routines as Well for an Extra Burn! EMAIL ME NOW FOR A FREE CONSULTATION!

Depression/ Suicide

Alright, tough subject to talk about but it needs to be talked about. I open up about my story in hopes that people will open their heart and mind about these topics. A lot of people struggle with dark thoughts and as a community it is important to work through this stuff together. 25 and