Who is Ready to Crush Leg Day!? I know I am so let’s get it started! I will add the Video Below so you can be sure to have perfect form! WORKOUT Double Step Ups with Kneeling Squat Jefferson Squats Sumo Squat Spilt Squat Bridge with Band Deadlift 3 Directional Kickbacks   So My plan


Felon to Fitness Queen… This was not easy for me to talk about in fear of being judge or looked down on for a past mistake. I felt the need to open up and tell my story in hopes of helping others. Just because you have a record, does not mean you go back to

Overcoming Excuses

We all seem to make excuses when it comes to our healthy and fitness goals! So today, I wanted to talk about some popular excuses and overcoming them. What is the number one excuse when it comes to working out? I don’t have time! Well time for some tough love. We all have the same 24

My Go to Supplements

My Go to Supplements… My number one question I get from people is “are supplements necessary?” I always reply with “no supplements are not necessary.” Taking supplements is 100% up to you. Yes, they can benefit you with diet and exercise but there is on magic supplement to drop weight without diet and exercise. I’ve been