Taco Tuesday and Meal Tips!

Happy Taco Tuesday! I have been experimenting with healthy recipe alternatives for a while now and figured I’d share some of my favorite recipes with you all. We all know about lettuce taco recipes, taco salad recipes and other basic recipes like that but I wanted to take it to a new level with a

High Intensity Home Workout

I want to say Happy New Year. This is a very special time of Year… We get a fresh new start to set the tone for the year. Isn’t that exciting? I want you to start this New Year off with an amazing at home workout! NO equipment needed but if you want to take

Plan Your Workout

PLAN YOUR WORKOUT PROPERLY! So for the start, you want to pick your goals….Obviously. haha Do you want to lose weight? Tone? Gain Muscle? Endurance? Strength? Whatever it is, Figure it out and Commit to it. Next you want to Figure out How Many Days you can Make it to the Gym and How long

Cheat Treats

So many of us love and hate cheat day… We get scared that all of our hard work will disappear or that we will fall back to our old habits. While both of these have a bit of truth to them, you shouldn’t be scared. You may get bloated for a few days after your