Have you always wanted to get into the fitness industry?Do you love helping others? Inspiring others? Motivating others?But don’t know where to start?Well, I can help you get started, now.You can start transforming lives with me through my challenges.How it works…You sign up with me and my products, start achieving your dream body, when people

It’s Monday…

It’s Monday…The day you said you’d start living a better life.The day you said you’d start working on your goals.So my question is, did you start?If you did, I want to say awesome job! You are a rare breed so keep it up.If you didn’t, I want to ask why?What is holding you back?I know what
BYE BYE BAT WINGS! Every time I wave bye to someone, I feel like I’m going to take flight due to my bat wings! I use to always wear long sleeve shirts because I was so insecure of my stubborn arm fat. The more women I train, I realize I’m not the only one struggling

Full Body Workout

So what is the best way to build lean muscle mass and burn stubborn fat? This is a topic that I never stop researching… I am absolutely obsessed with it because I like to get my clients and myself that best results possible. For the longest time, I was told the correct way to train