Top 3 Booty Moves

I am guessing you want a better booty if you are reading this and guess what you are in luck because you are talking to THE bootybuilder herself! I use to walk around saying “I ain’t no bodybuilderrrrrr, I AM A BOOTYBUILDER!” haha and my passion lives on… If you aren’t doing these 3 moves,

Guilt Free Dessert!

Does anyone else love dessert? I know I do but what I love even more is GUILT-FREE DESSERTS! With bikini season being right around the corner, I want to clean up my diet but I don’t want to give up my favorite thing in the world… DESSERT. haha You with me??? I know a lot


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Sexy Shoulder Time!

Sexy Shoulder Time! This may not be a popular topic to talk about, but that is why it is needed. A lot of women’s blogs and magazines are so focused on booty and ABS all the time because let’s face it… that’s what sells. But the issue is, we are forgetting to train our entire