Plan Your Workout

PLAN YOUR WORKOUT PROPERLY! So for the start, you want to pick your goals….Obviously. haha Do you want to lose weight? Tone? Gain Muscle? Endurance? Strength? Whatever it is, Figure it out and Commit to it. Next you want to Figure out How Many Days you can Make it to the Gym and How long

Figure Out Your Diet

Time to Figure Out Your Diet! First, let’s start with the most popular diets of today… We have… Keto Carb Cycling Macros Intermittent Fasting They all have their benefits but work different for EVERYONE! So let me break these diets down NICE AND SIMPLE! Keto:  Keto diet  forces your body to get into and stay in

Core Challenge

CHALLENGE TIME! I love doing core challenges to help people focus on a very important part of our body! I know that working core can get boring but we need it and I am here to make it fun! So let’s get to it! I’m going to give you 2 core workouts that you will


This Blog is all about The Booty! If you want to tone, build or shape your booty, these exercises will benefit you! Ice Skaters Fire Hydrant Lunge Squat Single Leg Bridge Single Leg Deadlift   TIPS AND TRICKS When building your dream body, it is important to work all muscle groups. If you focus on