Beauty Blog

Time to talk Beauty! I get a ton of comments on my skin, hair and make up. So of course, I wanted to share some Beauty Tips and Products with you. Let’s start off with skin! What we eat is very important for our skin. I use to struggle with acne a lot growing up

Back Attack

I wanted to Share my awesome Back Routine with you all! WORKOUT Reverse Lat Pull Down 12-15×4 SUPERSET Wide Lat Pull Down 12-15×4 Wide Straight Arm Pull Down 12-15×4 SUPERSET High Row 12-15×4 Single Arm Row 12-15×4 SUPERSET Superman 30 second hold 4 times Upright Row with Plate 12×4 SUPERSET Deadlift with Dumbbells 12×4 I

Motivation Hacks

How to Stay Motivated in the Gym! Bring Donuts haha jk Grab a Gym Buddy Get Cute Gym Clothes Good Music Workout Plan A gym that Motivates you    So I know.. these sound so basic but can help a lot in the long run! Bringing Donuts is great! Considering you will probably make some

Summer Time Drink Hacks

SUMMER TIME DRINK HACKS! So I finally hit my goal weight and have been celebrating with a drink or 4 on Friday Nights! haha I love Wine but it gives me crazy stomach aches so I have switched it up to actually using my supplements as my mixers! I haven’t had any hangovers or stomach