Get Movin’

I want to know what is holding you back from achieving your goal? I know from experience we usually over think things or just get flat out lazy. Do you agree? This morning I was being lazy, my alarm went of at 5:30am… I opened my heavy eyes in my cozy bed and thought to
I had so many replies yesterday when I asked “what do you struggle with in your health and fitness?”  and 99.9% of the struggle was diet! I’m not even shocked though… We are brainwashed to think diets are the answer and drive ourselves crazy trying to figure out what diet is best for us. Right?!

Booty Building Cardio

Booty Building Cardio… OK truth be told, you can’t just build a butt on JUST cardio. You need to have a healthy balance between weights and explosive cardio. Some people are scared to lift weights because they think they will get manly, you won’t… you need them in order to help build lean muscle mass.

Fat Burning Drinks

With the weather warming up, it is always nice to have something cool and refreshing to sip on. For me… that is usually some wine. haha but sometimes it’s too early for wine. Today was one of the “too early” for wine days so I had to get creative and thought of this little “mock”