The Secret to Motivation

The Secret to Motivation…  We all want to better ourselves but why does it become so hard to motivate ourselves to stay on the right track? This is something I struggle with as well, we all do. It’s easier to sleep in and not change your life, so that’s what most people do. But are


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Are you sick of Struggling and Starting Over? Yeah, I’ve been there… I’ve gone through a lot of different struggles on my fitness journey which is why I created this Challenge. I wanted to create something fun, simple and effective for people who want a better, healthier life. The simple strategies I use for health

Heal Your Heart and Be Happy!

Ok so we all go through heartbreaks right?! My question to you.. Did your heartbreak make you better or bitter? I want to tell you about mine and what it did to me…I was beyond bitter AT FIRST. Which is not like me at all… I could careless about who comes in and out of