Being on my knees, hands behind my head while being handcuffed is the day that changed my life. I thank God for that day, every day. Now, that I have been able to build a social media empire and impact close to half a million women worldwide over the past 7 years through my health


Do you ever kill a workout, feel great then want to die because you’re so sore? Then you don’t go workout because you’re too sore? haha I’ve been there and it sucks! Once, you are on a good momentum with workouts, you want to keep it. So let’s make sure we take care of our

Drop Water Weight

Ladies, We all go through that time of the month when we hold onto some extra water weight. I know personally, I hate it! So anything I can do to get it gone, I’ll do. Well, as long as it’s safe. haha I finally found a few tricks that have helped me from time to

Fat Burning Supplements

Fat Burning Supplements This is always a hot topic. We all want to burn fat, FASTER! So I wanted to share some natural products, I use in order to see results quicker. PREWORKOUT: ZYNG: Amazing energy drink, packed with essential oils that cause the body to go into thermogenesis (heats up) which leads to burning