The F Diets Diet

Today we are going to talk about this hot new diet called the F DIETS DIET! Crazy for me to say considering I am a Coach. haha But so many of us get wrapped up in these crazy fad diets that just don’t work… long term. And that’s not what we want… We want something

Best Cardio

Cardio! Everyone’s favorite topic! haha For the most part, people HATE cardio! I use to one of those people… It was boring and time seem to go at turtle pace while I was trying my best to make it through 30 minutes on the stairs or treadmill. So instead of hating on cardio and complaining

Squats, Deadlifts and Lunges! OH MY!

Squats, Deadlifts and Lunges can be your Best Friend if done correctly. Everyone is looking for the quick fix to get sexy legs! People have been trying all sorts of crazy exercises, that don’t seem to pay off. While others are out there trying to find the next crazy exercises for legs and glutes, I


Banish The Bloat…. I hope you all enjoyed your Holiday Festive’s so far, I don’t know about you but I sure did overeat. I am feeling puffy, sluggish and bloated. Every time I get like this, I totally lose motivation so it is important for me to “debloat” ASAP! I’ve used these little tricks after