Core Challenge

CHALLENGE TIME! I love doing core challenges to help people focus on a very important part of our body! I know that working core can get boring but we need it and I am here to make it fun! So let’s get to it! I’m going to give you 2 core workouts that you will

Daily Meals

DAILY MEALS! Today, I want to take you through my meals for the day! My meals change daily. I don’t count anything. I know what foods are good for me and listen to what my body needs. I use to over think the whole “diet” thing and kept failing so I learned through trial and
Squats and Deadlifts… Truly a girl’s best friend. haha Only if done correctly though… So I decided to do a video on correct form for both.   Add These Awesome Workouts to Your Squats and Deadlift Routines as Well for an Extra Burn! EMAIL ME NOW FOR A FREE CONSULTATION! [email protected]

Depression/ Suicide

Alright, tough subject to talk about but it needs to be talked about. I open up about my story in hopes that people will open their heart and mind about these topics. A lot of people struggle with dark thoughts and as a community it is important to work through this stuff together. 25 and