Want to clean up your diet and still get results without going on a full blown diet? I know tons of people that get so sick of yo-yo dieting and I always tell them, “it’s best to switch out a few things a week and ease your way into a healthier lifestyle, instead of going

Frantic Friday!

So many people freak out over the weekend… Some are excited to relax while others are scared because they don’t want to get off track. Which one are you? I use to get scared because I knew weekends meant down time, down time= binge eating. Every time, I’d binge, I’d feel awful about myself. It

Creating Wealth

What does Wealth mean to you? I use to just think wealth was all about money. That was all I cared about growing up. Let’s see how many cars and houses, I can get before I turn 30! As I started down that journey, I realized it wasn’t that fulfilling… It was awesome to have

Let’s Transform

People ask why I am so in love with health and fitness… It all started when I was 13, I was forced to eat clean and dragged to the gym. I hated it. I would pout and complain the entire time. I couldn’t make sense of why anyone would waste time lifting heavy shit up