We all get cellulite, right? But we all get it in different areas… Today, I am going to share some tips, that no matter where it is at, you’ll know how to diminish it. A lot of people have the misconception that since cellulite is fat, they have to run it off… Well, that will

I upped my carbs and lost weight!

So many people think carbs make you fat but thats not true… It just depends on what type of carbs you are eating. There is a proper time for “good” carbs and a strategic way of eating “bad” carbs and making them work to your advantage. You also have to keep in mind that we
ALRIGHT LADIES, Let’s talk business. Booty Business… Yes, you will lose a bit of booty on your health and fitness journey but I will share some exercises and diet tips to help you burn that stubborn fat and keep your perky booty. When you are working your lower body, don’t be scared to lift weight.

Carb Cycling

I get a ton of questions about carb cycling. Does it work? How does it work? When should I do it? Personally, I love carb cycling. I do it when I have to hit a certain goal in a short amount of time. It works quickly, you don’t feel deprived or lose your strength because