Fasting… I have never been huge on eating breakfast. I guess I’m just not hungry in the morning. I rather get up and go on with my day. I have been like this my entire life until I had a trainer tell me I HAVE to eat before the gym… So of course, I listened

Best and Worst Diets

We are always searching for the next best diet… And while all diets work, we need to figure out what diet works best for you! When you are trying to do a short term diet to drop weight quickly, it’s ok to jump on a strict diet train and knock it out for a few
There’s so much information out there on Weight Loss and I wanted to share how I have helped thousands of women get on track with their health and fitness once and for all! So my first Don’t… Don’t Diet! So many people want to jump on the hottest diet trend and yes, it will work

Stubborn Stomach Fat

Struggling with Stubborn Stomach Fat and you just want it gone?! I feel for you! I remember trying to crunch my way to a flat stomach… I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t seeing the results, I wanted. I did my cardio, my crunches and ate my chicken but I still had this stubborn stomach