Nacho Benefits

You guys were probably hoping I was talking about Bad Nachos.. Huh? haha Well, I have a healthy alternative that is absolutely delicious. Bell Pepper Nachos… These are super simple, helps burn fat and fights off cravings for the bad nachos. I had a ton of people request the recipe after posting a picture on

Booty Talk

I’ve had a small booty, big booty, cellulite booty and pancake booty… It is truly incredible how you can change your body by how you train it and by what you put in it. This routine has changed my legs and booty, BIG TIME! I finally have a smooth, round booty and barely any cellulite
Let’s Talk about Booze and our Waist Line! I know a lot of people want to keep their social life while losing weight. And I want that for you as well… So today, I want to share some tips on how to keep progressing while still living life to the fullest! Let’s start with… Alcohol

Set Yourself Up For Success

Set yourself up for success After  a long day of work and daily stressors, I open my fridge, starving… need something quick. BOOM! Fresh fruit, veggies, protein shakes or protein bars perfect go to snack for me! Setting up your fridge for easy access to healthy stuff is a key to success. If you have